Founder | Head Trainer


Jessica Tuomela is a four-time Paralympian who approaches dog training with the same passion, dedication and patience that she applies to elite sport. Growing up in northern Ontario, Jessica has never been without a dog in her life since the age of six; when her parents got her a yellow Labrador who became not only her best friend, but taught her so much about joy, love and mutual respect. In 2002 Jessica was matched with her first working guide dog, a small black Labrador who had a larger stubborn streak and a zest for life bigger than even Jessica’s. since that first working relationship, Jessica has had the privilege of working with three more guide dogs; including her newest partner, Brandy, A German Shepherd mix rescued from a high-kill shelter.


Jessica’s passion for everything dog extends far Beyond a wet nose and wagging tail. In 2016, after a long-term volunteer experience in a Northern Michigan prison with a guide dog raising program, Jessica graduated from the University of Southern California with her masters in social work. this achievement, along with many other life experiences, gave her the opportunity to work at Homewood Ravensview; a mental health and addictions treatment center.

It is through the combined passions for dogs and humans that True North Canine was born. It is Jessica’s sincerest hope that through the unstoppable power of a dog, people’s lives and consequently their communities will be enriched.