Three Ways to Help You and Your Puppy Sleep Through the Night

There are so many wonderful things about your new puppy. He makes you laugh
through his funny puppy antics. She is small and wiggles with glee when she sees you. He is so
smart and already knows how to sit. She’s even smarter and already knows her name. Now the
only problem is that no one is getting any sleep. Most puppies are notorious for keeping their
human family members awake; similar to human babies. It’s a fact that many breeders and
puppy manuals fail to tell new puppy parents. There isn’t one exact formula to convince your
puppy that getting Z’s is what is supposed to happen at night, but the below information may
make nighty night-time a bit more tolerable.

As you’ve probably already noticed, your puppy will tend to run around at full tilt, only to
collapse into a heap and sleep as hard as he was galloping just a minute ago. Puppy energy can
be a challenge to manage as your new fur baby definitely needs her rest in order to grow big
and strong. But how does this play into bedtime routines? If you are someone who snuggles on
the couch with your puppy for a few hours before bed, your puppy probably isn’t going to be
sleepy when you tuck him in. Besides, snuggling on the couch with you is much more appealing
than going to bed. What can you do? Providing your puppy with a bedtime routine that includes
a bit of energy expenditure may help your puppy be sleepier when it’s time to get some shut-eye. The balancing act is to ensure that you aren’t kicking the puppy’s energy system into overdrive and then your puppy is too hyper to go to sleep. Each puppy’s energy and sleep needs
are going to be different so you may have to experiment a bit before you get it right. The key is
to remain calm and patient. Your puppy is getting used to you and your household as much as
you are getting used to having a new puppy.

Just like human children, puppies have a need for toileting before bed and potentially a
small meal. Have you ever experienced that glorious feeling of eating way too much?
Thanksgiving dinner and dosing off on the couch? Puppies require a lot of calories to sustain their growing systems and so it is possible that your wide-awake problem could be solved with a small and nutritious meal before bed. The caveat to that is that puppies need to frequently potty and if you are feeding them or giving them water before bed, they are more likely to get up in the night to attend to their bodily urges. Ensuring that your puppy has toileted before bed will also help both of you sleep longer. Very young puppies will have to use the bathroom more often than older puppies. It may make sense for you to set your alarm and take your puppy out during the night.

Sleep Aids
If you have implemented a good sleep routine full of snacks, appropriate exercise, and
potty breaks and your fur baby still isn’t sleeping, there are a few other tricks you can try.
Snuggle Buddy is a sleep aid you can purchase for your puppy to help her feel as though she
has a friend to snuggle up with. The toy comes complete with heat and a heartbeat to simulate
littermates. There have been quite a few anecdotal reports that the Snuggle Buddy has helped
puppies sleep through the entire night. Some puppies also enjoy dark cozy spaces. Providing
an appropriately fitted kennel with a sheet draped over top to block out light may help signify to
your puppy that it is sleep time. Just be aware of your puppy’s tendencies to chew. He may
decide to pull the sheet inside the kennel and make quick work of shredding it. Providing puppy
safe toys at bedtime may also combat boredom and/or provide your puppy with a companion.
Whatever you choose as a part of your puppy’s bedtime routine, it is always a good idea to run
ideas by a professional trainer to ensure your puppy is safe.

Bringing a new puppy home is a wonderful adventure. Don’t let sleep deprivation mar
the experience for people and puppies alike. No matter what you are working on with your puppy, whether it is sleep habits or name recognition, remaining calm and exercising some innovative thinking can go a long way. Be willing to try new things and if it becomes too overwhelming reach out to a professional trainer who can help you get on track.

Note: True North Canine has not received any endorsement for recommending the
Snuggle Buddy. We just know, from experience, that it works. We also don’t actually offer puppy training services, but want to support all dog owners with training resources. So what do we do? Check out our website a


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